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June 30, 2015

Paul Feig tweeted out a photo of the costumes for the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters. They are awesome and everyone should be thrilled about it. End of story.

Paul Feig posted a photo on his twitter account of the costumes for the new Ghostbusters movie and they’re pretty dope.

The all-female reboot with its all-star lineup of Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Melissa McCarthy is anticipated to come out Summer 2016. When it was announced earlier in the year the new film would be lead by women, sometrolls on the internet flipped out. Yeah, you read that right. People were up in arms about the integrity of a movie called “Ghostbusters,” a movie about busting ghosts.

Some of those same people have taken time to stop inhaling Cheetos dust to be angry again that the costumes aren’t sexy enough. Well, to those people I say, you have absolutely no say!

First of all, you didn’t want the movie to be made and made it very clear you had no intention of seeing it. You can’t then decide you want creative control over the movie. That’s like dramatically announcing you won’t be attending your family’s Thanksgiving dinner, then being nit-picky about the kind of pie your mother wants to serve.

Also, for what it’s worth, if you’re at all actually concerned about keeping ghostbustin’ reputable, you aren’t going to want people in tiny outfits running around the city. It’s going to impede them and then the entire city will be bogged down with too many ghosts. If your solution to that problem is to then bring back the original parapsychologists gang to save New York City, I’ve got bad news for you. They all have bad knees except one of them, who is now a ghost himself. And ghosts can’t bust other ghosts.That is just common knowledge.

No one is forcing the trolls to see this badass reboot that will probably be filled with kickass and empowering montage scenes of gals ghostbusting. But, if we are being honest, the likelihood that they would leave their gaming dens where they call strangers “fags” over a headset any time soon is very, very slim.