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August 08, 2011

Adrian Brody is a god

To be frank, going into this movie I was not optimistic. How can you beat Arnold, the guy invented using facial expressions to perfectly convey what the characters feelings are in any given scene (not to mention his ability to say so much through a custom grunt).
Now this movie has all the names you want, Brody, Topher-Grace, Fishbourne, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali to name a few. But could it possibly capture the strenuous relationship between human and alien, that was perfected 13 years prior? Well in the first ten minutes that question was emphatically answered... YOU'RE GOD DAMN RIGHT IT CAN! The action starts with pee-in-your-pants tension as a group of dangerous, trained (some self taught gangsters), masculine warriors, and Topher-Grace, are dropped into unknown land by unknown people with unknown trouble ahead! You quickly find yourself hoping that this large group of one-time foes, can become friends. Preying that some of them saw the first Predator movie and that there is mud on the island! Brody is a knockout as the reluctant leader of the flock, constantly battling the temptation of self-preservation vs. protecting others. Setting the record for manliest voice in cinema history, he fights fearlessly despite the handicap of a nose that makes it impossible to hide behind any object. Laurence Fishbourne was given a role type casted as token angry old black man, and made it so much more. Sprinkling in a taste of crazy and a splash of vulnerability, you chastize and revere the man at the same time. The movie climaxes all over you, but then gives you a napkin to wipe yourself off. An instant classic.