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June 04, 2010


Well the whole group is finally caught up on their shots.
Apparently vaccines are "Ladies choice" around here.
I went for the standard Hep A shot While Jake and Bob went Hep A, Polio, Tetanus. Though full disclosure, I'm up to date on my Polio and tetanus...let's just say I love F.D.R. and rusty metal.'

This morning we got outfits figured out and last preperations ready.
We were ready for our first Celeb shot but one of FOD's interns headbutted Fred Savage and we had to postpone, hopefully we can meet up when we get back.

I took a break after I put up this picture so we could drive to LAX.

I am now surrounded by unaccompanied British children....it's wierd. Small people talking in accents....
I feel like the Harry Potter movies spilled into terminal 101.
So Chris, Jake, Bob and I are sitting in the only foodery in Terminal 101 Drinking a beer and paying for internet.
It's strange because when i was theses kid's age, if I was without parent, i would have been looking longingly at beer. But these kids are ogling at my internet like i'm downloading shirtless Justin Beiber pictures...(i'm not(we'll i'm not not(it's for research(NOTGAY))))

No one's really talking right now because we have a 10 HOUR FLIGHT than a 2 hour layover than ANOTHER 10 HOUR FLIGHT.
Sleep is the only thing i hope for...and that my phone battery holds out as that is where all my podcasts are.

THe booze is starting to kick in but I'll start the official count

High-Fives: 0
Sandwiches eaten by Jack: 4