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October 04, 2008


I saw a woman come into the store last night.  She was nothing, but skin and bones and had crystal meth written all over her emaciated face.  Like all drug users I've dealt with before she kept moving about the whole store making a mess of areas I had already straightened up.  She also lacked the inability to make up her mind or think on her own.  When closing time arrived I was not surprised to find out she was still in the store.  It took me 10 minutes to finally get rid of her.  She didn't buy anything.  She didn't have enough money so I told her I would put her shoes on hold.  I bet my next paycheck she won't be back tomorrow to buy her shoes.  I wish it legal to kill tweakers.  It's not like they're not going to end up dead from drug use or a domestic dispute about drugs.  They're not going to recover.  All they do is make other hard working people put up with their druggy bullshit.  It's like allowing deer hunting.  If you don't kill some of them, there won't be enough food in the winter and they'll all starve.  We would be ensuring a healthy winter for a small amount of addicts.  Thus limiting the number of deer, I mean tweakers from going through my garbage when food is scarce.