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July 23, 2009


I've lived in Flushing, NY on and off for the past thirty-two years.  I love it.   I have traveled and lived in other cities, but I have never lived in any other community as wonderful as Flushing, NY. 

Asian produce and meats.  Indian spices.  Jewish delicacies.  Latino treats.  West Indian roots and specialties.

Okay, I love eating and you get the best eats in my town. 

If you like uber-fresh produce, and the option of choosing the frog/snail/eel/turtle/fish/shrimp/crab that you want killed fresh just for you - I've got the spot for you.  For the vegetarians out there - you haven't lived until you have had freshly made tofu out of a barrel.

Oh, yes. 

Now, smoked mackerel/salmon/whitefish, kosher meats, keffir yogurt from Isreal, dates and nuts, grapeseed oil, and friendly service  - I have that right up the street from my home at a Jewish grocery.  They don't charge you an arm and a leg for it, because these are staples in the Jewish homes in my neighborhood. 

Curry powder, coriander, halal meats, mangos, coconuts, tamarind,  basmatic rice, goat /lamb meat, lassi fill my refrigerator and cupboards as do corn flakes, and Barilla pasta.

I cherish my town.

The multi-cultural melting pot known as Flushing, inspired me to create the Mayer family.  It inspires me to be a woman of the world and not just a lady from the US.  I respect and appreciate the multi-lingual, international trips to hunt for my groceries.  But there's more.

I also enjoy frequenting as many public libraries in Queens as I can find.  Each one has an international film and music section that caters to the needs of their near by residents.  Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, , Indian, and Spanish  books, dvd's and cd's accent the English collection. 

My multi-racial, multi-cultural films and plays are a wonderful product or my preferred environment.  

Thank you, Flushing, NY.