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Published August 03, 2010
Ok this joke is totally on me……. I was at Wal-mart, I don’t know two or three days ago, and this real nice Lady walks up to me and says: “Hey man NICE pants.” I’m in hunter gatherer mode and totally just say “Thanks” and grabbed my frozen burritos and split. I got on F.O.D. yesterday and read through my newsfeed and one of them said, “ When someone walks up to you in a store or on the street and says nice pants, they are not talking about the ones you are wearing.” I felt like a total retard. Full blown window licking retard with a snot covered bicycle helmet. I still do a little. Who ever you are….Please forgive me. Message me and we will talk. I just never expected to meet someone on here at the grocery store. I promise to wear my clean “Sharp Corners” helmet and a new red shirt with green corduroy shorts, black dress socks and zipper dress half-boots. I promise not to accidentally poke you in the eye with my out of control big gulp straw and won’t eat anything with mustard on it before we meet.