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May 06, 2011

In which the author demonstrates his proficiency in continuity.

You don't have to start at the beginning of the story with Bad at Foreshadowing, but you could.

The bullet whizzed towards Sam's heart. There was absolutely nothing Sam could do as he dove to the ground. He wasn't fast enough to dodge a speeding bullet but he could at least dodge a speeding bullet. The bullet missed him by inches and dug itself into the cave wall.

Sharkie scowled but kept his gun aimed at Sam. "I didn't know you could dodge bullets."

"Just because I never have before doesn't mean I can't." said Sam as he slowly stood and picked his grey fedora up off the cave floor. "And I may never will again."

Sharkie pondered that statement. "Well, I'll make sure you'll never will get the chance to not again." Sharkie sputtered. Sam smiled and bent down to pick up his grey fedora. His opponent was rattled.

"You know what I mean!" Screamed Sharkie as he swung his sword at Sam, who rolled backwards against the doors just in time.

Sharkie raised his blade and slashed at Sam, who continued to retreat towards the weapons mounted on the castle walls. He grabbed a sword and managed to hold it up just in time to block Sharkie from slicing him in two. The ringing clash of the blades echoed through the submarine. The two slashed at each other, back and forth, until finally Sam drove Sharkie up against the parapet. With a flick of his wrist Sam knocked Sharkie's sword out of his hand and down onto the rocks below. He held his blade to Sharkie's neck. The fedora partially hid Sam's face, making him look more menacing.

"No, I won't," Sam replied.

"Go ahead and kill me," Sharkie snarled.

"Because I'm better than you," said Sam.

"Why not?" asked Sharkie.

Sam hit Sharkie with the butt of his sword, knocking him out. He picked up his grey fedora off the floor and adjusted it on his head. Then he turned and made his way upstairs to find the secret passageway.