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November 08, 2009


It is believed that Heart Rate Variability will become as common as pulse, blood pressure or temperature in patient charts in the near future. In the last ten years have been written about Heart Rate Variability. Heart Rate Variability has been used as a screening tool in many disease processes. Heart Rate Variability various medical disciplines are looking at Heart Rate Variability. In diabetes and heart disease it has been proven to be predictive of the likelihood of future events. In 1996, a special task force was formed between the US and European Physiological associations to outline current finds on Heart Rate Variability and set specific standards on using Heart Rate Variability in medical science and future practice. Since then a steady stream of new information and value continues to come out of Heart Rate Variability research. Heart Rate Variability it all started in 1966 when a variation in the beat-to-beat intervals between heartbeats was noticed. Heart Rate Variability initially all recording devices were averaging heart rate data stream trying to get rid of any rapid Heart Rate Variability. Then there were very specific patterns in such fluctuations were noticed that had links to certain conditions way before any clinical symptoms appeared. There are several methods for detecting beats including ECG, blood pressure, or pulse wave signal derived from a photoplethysmograph (PPG). ECG is considered superior because it provides the best waveform, which makes it easier to exclude heartbeats not originating in the SA node. NN is used in place of RR to emphasize the fact that the processed beats are normal beats. Heart Rate Variability concepts Heart Rate Variability systems Heart Rate Variability professional programs Heart Rate Variability basics Heart Rate Variability in clinical research Heart Rate Variability Analysis and Diabetes Heart Rate Variability and Cardiovascular Disease Heart Rate Variability and Myocardial Infarction Health assessment various kinds of professionals could benefit from using Biocom products specifically designed for research, educational and other types of non-medical purposes. Health assessment these products provide extremely accurate, detailed and scientifically validated information about regulatory function of the autonomic nervous system as well as powerful tools to improve its performance by means of original patented biofeedback technique. Health assessment short of a full range of tests performed by your medical doctor, there are some tools that you can use for a general health assessment. Health assessment these tools are little knowledge, you can determine your general health status. Health assessment mind you, this will not tell you if you have any diseases, but you can learn if you are at higher risk for certain diseases.