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Published September 08, 2010
Via PooporChocolateBlogs.comSo we all know that Sarah Palin don’t talk right.  Her extensive vocabulary of non-words, odd idioms, and colloquial jargon have made her a celebrity beyond her politics (or whatever it is she’s doing with her life).  In July, Palin was gracious enough to give us a new English word, refudiate (a delightful hybrid of ‘refute’ and ‘repudiate’) which has since been named Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the Summer” based on its popularity in internet searches.Don't think this is an isolated incidence, however.  To date, Palin has almost created her own entire language.  Here are a few more words from the Standard Palictionary, accompanied by origins and definitions.martyrick (n) : hybrid of martyr and maverick; describes an individual that is selflessly willing to sacrifice a high-ranking elected position in order to appear on conservative talk shows as a "political revolutionary" Twidder (n) : alternate spelling for Twitter; theoretical region within the Twitter community reserved for users so intellectually barren that they consistently manage to embarrass themselves in 140 characters or less betcha (n) : hybrid of bet and you; used to express confirmation when a simple yes would be too professional; often preceded by you, the phrase you betcha (or you bet you) is both confusing and redundant whynk (n) : hybrid of wink and why; to briefly shut one eye in a manner that pisses everyone off and beckons the question “WHY?!” My name is t.j .and I’m proud to say that blog became a word before martyrick.New comedy blogs every day at