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Published: January 30, 2014
Description: 28 FUN FACTS!





1. Lucy Terry, an enslaved person in 1746, becomes the earliest known black American poet when she writes Stupid Hoe

2. Harriet Tubman is the first black hipster......."Oh you didn't hear about my railroad? Yea it's pretty underground"

3. in 1852 Uncle Tom's Cabin published. The lesser known sequel was made in 1854. Aunt Tammy's Ski Resort

4. In 1863 President Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation. He also killed some vampires that year. A pretty great year for everyone. (*besides blood suckers)


5.  Jackie Robinson breaks Major League Baseball's color barrier when he becomes the first black player ever to use HGH

6. Rosa Parks writes the hit song Outkast.....or it might be the other way around. I don't know....

7. Barack Obama becomes the first black president in 2008 with his slogan "Yes We Can!". In 2012 he wins his second term with his slogan "Yea we could but.....nah"

8. Tyler Perry wins a Oscars....JUST JOKING THIS WON'T EVER HAPPEN

9. N.W.A are pretty nice dudes despite their name


10. Don Cheadle is a overrated d-bag

11. MLK has a dream and writes a whole speech about it. Get over yourself dude. We all have them

12. O.J Simpson wins the Heisman Trophy in 1968 and that's is all he is known for

13. Micheal Jackson shows Jerry Sandusky how it's really done

14. The ace of spades is like the best looking card in the deck.


15. Trayvon Martin makes a huge fashion faux pas

16. Winston Zeddemore becomes the first black Ghostbuster. He later went on to become the warden of Oswald State Correctional Facility


17. Django Unchained is so long that it gets renamed 12 Years a Slave

18. Jamaican Olympic bobsled team's coach dies in 1994


19. Malcolm X is number 2 on the biggest Civil Rights Leaders of all time list in Time Magazine. After MLK and before Rosa Parks. Some might say Malcolm is in the middle!! #pun

20. King Kong has got nothing on Denzel Washington

21. James Earl Jones is the father of a jedi and a lion king! He is also blind and takes baseballs from little kids.....jerk


22. Spike Lee gets his own channel named after him. It shows nothing but UFC and old episodes of Jail and Cops

23. Booker T. Washington gets put in the WWE Hall Of Fame!....Now can you dig that?


24. Juicy J made 45 million dollars last year.........JUICY J!!!!!!!

25. Some black dude went to a Nascar race in 1998. He didn't mean to but still counts as history

26. Ray Charles teams with Channing Tatum in White House Down

27. Macklemore wins a Grammy!

28. Did you know that Flo Rida spells Florida when its put together? And he happens to be from Florida! Crazy right?!



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