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March 18, 2010


So...I was fairly disappointed that I am off this week because I was hoping to fan the flames a little bit at work, but it turns out that things have gotten quite heated without my input, which works well because I am now the forgotten catalyst...although I suppose since I wasn't the one who stole the Cheese Strings, it could be argued that I am taking credit from that person. 
Anyway...it would seem that M has caught F with her hand in the bag, quite literally, and the shit has hit the fan. LMAO!!  Seems M was kind enough to let bygones be and she offered F some corn/nacho type chips of which she had a large bag.  She poured some onto a napkin for F and then left the room to go and wash her hands.  She came back into the room to find F elbow deep in the bag which SET HER OFF yelling about F's "hands on my food!!  You don't put your hands on MY FOOD!"  LOL!!
I miss all the good stuff.  Who will still have their eyes in tact when I get back Tuesday???