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April 30, 2009


I have been uploading content to funnyordie.com for about two years and I've seen a lot of the changes and improvements that have been made to the site.  However, some of these improvements frustrate the hell out of me.

Here are a few things about FOD that I could do without:

I mean, if I operated a successful website, I would feature a lot of my own content.  Why not?

So where is there room on the front page for original content from "the users"? 

Well, that section is called USER PICKS.    Everyday, hundreds of videos are being loaded onto FOD.   If enough people are watching a video within a certain time frame, it'll show up here.  I guess that's why the FOD Exclusive videos trickle down into this section.

Now, getting a video to be shown in this section is harder than you might think.  You are competing with the trickle-down videos  (trickle down syndrome), stupid pet videos, an occasional genuinely funny short, and some 10 minute long movie in Spanish that keeps showing up.

If you change one thing about the USER PICK section, drop the "YOU GUYS ARE GREAT" tagline at the end because to me it reads, "HEY USER, GO FUCK YOURSELF".

All in all, it's still a cool site and it's nice having a place to organize our content.