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May 31, 2012


(NEW YORK) - Donald Trump, the celebrity business tycoon, went on a full fledged media tear today when he doubled down on his assertion that Barack Obama, America’s first black President, was actually born a black guy.

Said Mr Trump from his complex in New York City “I have yet to see any convincing evidence that Barack Obama was not born as a black guy. Show me a birth certificate that confirms he’s not black, and I will back down. But for now I can only assume that he was born in Funky Town or on Electric Avenue. You know, wherever all the black guys get born these days.”

 Trump continued; “I walk down the street and people tell me “no, Donald, you’ve made an idiotic mistake, President Obama is African American. But I have researched it, and there is no such place as Africa-America. I’ve even looked on a map. So those people should shut up and not be so dumb. ”

Mr Trump paused to let the cleverness of his statement sink in.

Trump said in conclusion; “I mean, am I crazy or is the President actually a black guy? I must be crazy because there is a law against black guys being the President, right? Oh, it isn’t? …Well there should be.”