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October 12, 2016

Whenever you leave a place, say something that people will remember.

Whenever you leave a room, it’s an opportunity to say something that will leave an impression on everybody remaining. Here are some killer exit lines to add to your arsenal.

“Another room, here I come!”

“Well, I don’t even go to this school. I’m a reporter.”

“…and in conclusion, that’s why this door couldn’t possibly lead to a closet!”

“I better be going – I have a ham in the oven.” Then wink.

“Now, off to go kill Bin Laden a second time!”

“My pizza rolls have probably cooled off by now.”

“It’s too bad that nobody talked to me while I was in this room. I had a million dollars to give away.”

Pretend like you’re answering your phone, then say, “Hey, Kanye!”

“Say goodbye to my little friend!” This one works best if you’re holding big gun.

“I regret everything.”