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March 24, 2013

The do's and do not's of knocking. It's all about courtesy. Courtesy and Etiquette. Courtesy, etiquette, and brains. Okay. Courtesy, etiquette, GRACE, and brains.




Knocking, we all do it. Most of us incorrectly, I’ll have you know. Knocking is supposed to be a test to see if someone is in the room. You go up to a door looking for someone, you knock, and if there’s no response then that’s the end of it.

Many of us, many of you, will knock and use it as a warning. This is wrong. This is just the worst. It makes no fucking sense! Even in knock-knock jokes you wait for a response. Those jokes were created based on the understanding that you wait for a response after knocking. The fundamentals of the genre ‘knock-knock jokes’, are rooted in this. I have friends that knock on my door and before I’m able to answer...they would be standing in my room. I never bring it up to them! How can you!? It's too hard. It's troublesome...unlike knocking. 

It's getting to the point where maybe fucking doorbells should be added to the outside of rooms so that someone's got some warning. Or I could just lock my room all the time. That works. 

Next time you see a knocker-walker...PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. We need to knock them off the face of the earth ASAP....Jesus knocked.