Turns out Citibank and Chase are not the only banks being “bailed out”!  The DC Diaper Bank is about to receive quite a “pull up” of potty-ridding proportions.  The National Diaper Bank is reporting that one child goes through 6 diapers a day…(9 diapers for children who routinely watch Barney and Friends…side effect), equaling a cost of $120 per month per child.

But thanks to K.I.D.S. (Kids In Distressed Situations, Inc). and the National Diaper Bank Network, over 20 million diapers will be provided this year to families in need, albeit “pre-owned” diapers which has many parents concerned.

“What’s the big deal?”, said an anonymous informant inside the diaper industry.  ”When they sell pre-owned Cadillacs nobody bats an eye!”, the gentleman exclaimed, noting that the used diapers are thoroughly cleaned and bleached before being repackaged. “Fact is, if you think about it, using the same diaper for multiple children is the greenest thing we can do!”

When asked if the man used “preowned” diapers on his own newborn son, he proceeded to cuss out our reporter.

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