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June 29, 2010

Palin and Noah's Ark and Disabled Cat

It's been revealed that Sarah Palin had a fund of $400,000 that she was not aware of. Okay, she wasn't aware of it. I buy that. She says she can now see Noah's Ark, because of continental drift, while she's taking a pee in her bathroom. She says continental drift puts a different country outside her bathroom window ever day. Now it's Turkey.

Part of the money was to be used to pay for an operation for a cat from the UK who had its hind legs severed by a cat hind leg harvester. Now, that money could've been used to save five million cats, but it was spent on this one extra special, extra cute cat in the name of science.

We all know that the common household cat is an endangered species.  Did you know that there are only fifty billion cats left in LA.? That's a tragedy. If we don't do something in the next fifty years, it'll only be 100 billion.  

The cat was was on display in Anchorage in an aquarium at an Anchorage grade school when it escaped using its bionic legs to catapult itself onto the street. Unfortunately the school was located in Anchorage's Eskimo Town. A Red Lobster, Cat, Dog and Whatever restaurant customer complained that the rear legs were too "tough" and "chewy."  And the $400,000 legs, a technological marvel of medical science are now in the restaurant's dumpster. The esteemed UK scientist said his next medical challenge is to replace the legs of the endangered species called the centipede.