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October 27, 2008


This desk chair is too damned comfortable.

Makes me wanna take a nap.

That's what you get for staying up till 4:30, keeping an eye on your newsfeed.

But, I slept in Sunday morning, why am I so wiped out?

It was another crazy weekend of karaoke and bar time, genius.

C'mon, the Poker Run was a freaking blast.

And I won some cash.

Yay for you. Hip hip freaking hurray, Scooter.

You already blew half of it on booze and pizza.

That pizza was awesome, shut up!

Yeah, as you ate the whole thing. And you wonder why you can't take a leak without getting winded.

It's not that bad, seriously. Besides, I made it to work.

Yeah, 10 mintues late. Good thing the "stickler" boss wasn't in.

Hey, I'm working now. Get off my back!

You call blogging "work"... lemme guess, Spider Solitaire got too boring?

Hey, what else could I do. The Internet was down all morning, and I did everything else I could while it was down!

Yeah, I saw all that hard work, 5 smoke breaks in 3 hours... That's a record for even you, Slick....

Will you 2 knock it off! I have a headache!!


Yeah, me too. Sorry.

(And you all wonder why we drink, karaoke, and post stuff here... :-) ... )

- Kenny G.