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June 13, 2017

It's the soundtrack of your youth. It's the soundtrack of America. It's the soundtrack…of summer.

Every summer is magical, and maybe that’s because each summer has that one definitive song. Here’s a look back on every single one of those evocative songs of the summer going back more than 50 years.

1960: “Theme from A Summer Place

1961: “Sandy Shorts (The Wackadacka-Wick-Wack Song)”

1962: “Monster Mash, Except It’s Summer Now”

1963: “Endless Beach Party With Our Young, Vital, Virtually Unkillable President”

1964: “The Summer Song”

1965: “It’s the Summer So I Guess We Should Go Surfing?”

1966: “Summer”

1967: “It’s Summer”

1968: “It is the Summer”

1969: “Manson Beach Party”

1970: “The Sun is a Burning Sky Monster and We Must Worship It”

1971: “White Christmas”

1972: “White Christmas”

1973: “White Christmas”

1974: “Gerald Ford Beach Party”

1975: “Theme From Jaws” by Jaws and Friends

1976: “Holy Shit, America Fuckin’ Rulez! (Official Song of the American Bicentennial)” by the Captain and Tennille

1977: “Summer of Sam”

1978: “Curse Thee Out, Wretched Spring, For the Summer is Nigh”

1979: “Let Us Go to the Beach, For It Is the Law Under Peanut Lord Jimmy Carter”

1980: “The Lake Not Florida” (The Money is Tight This Year Song)”

1981: “Summer is The Name of My Spring Fling”

1982: “Pac-Man Has a Sunburn”

1983: “I Wish That it Was the Summer (And It Totally Is Now)”

1984: “Uncomfortably Warm”

1985: “New Coke”

1986: “I am Sandor, God of Unholy Blood Summers,” by Gwar

1987: “Summertime in the Well” by Baby Jessica McClure

1988: “I Will Cut Tiffany with a Seashell” by Debbie Gibson

1989: “Summer of Blood” by Tiffany

1990: “The Eat My Shorts Song” by Bart Simpson

1991: “You Can Live in a Sandcastle if You Have To” by Milli Vanilli

1992: “Who Wants an Otter Pop?”

1993: “Summertime Bootyquake ‘93”

1994: “I Ate Too Much Sand Today”

1995: “Good” by Better Than Ezra, but only the part where he says “maybe we’ll see on the Fourth of July”

1996: “Summer Babe (Summer Version)”

1997: “Candle in the Wind 1997” by Elton John

1998: “Fireflies are Dumb”

1999: “I’m So Goddamn Sick of Watermelon” by Sarah McLachlan

2000: “Fuck Off, Fall” by Limp Bizkit

2001: “White Christmas”

2002: “If You Don’t Love Fireworks You’re a Terrorist” by Toby Keith

2003: “Let’s All Tar a Roof”

2004: “Summer is Interminably Long”

2005: “I Don’t Care What Movie We See, So Long as There’s Air Conditioning”

2006: “I Will Hum Some Songs I Like” by Summer Glau

2007: “Unbearingly Hott Outside” by Nelly

2008: “Subprime Summer”

2009: “Summertime Nights are the Nights That Will Be Alright (Tonight)” by the Black Eyed Peas

2010: “White Christmas”

2011: “A Song About John Mayer” by Taylor Swift

2012: “Fun in the Sun (Until the Mayan Apocalypse)”

2013: “The One That Goes ‘Whoooooooa’ and There’s a Banjo In It”

2014: “Summer Lasts All Year Now Because of Climate Change”

2015: “I Wish It Was Labor Day”

2016: “Drake is Having an Excellent Summer” by Drake