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March 19, 2010


It's not like I grew up under a rock somewhere or that I am unaware of the lure of the libido...however, when is enough enough?  Jesse James has been "married" 5 or 6 times before Sandra Bullock and mostly he's been married to addicts/porn stars, and he has all kinds of kids...so on some level she should have seen it coming, but here's the thing:  It's the MUCHNESS. 
A woman in love sees an imaginary "muchness" that is invisible to the naked eye of  less loving folks who just sort of look at it and go "Huh?" 
There's what you know, then there's what you think, and then there's how you feel and the "muchness" evaporates the what you know and the what you think and just leaves the how you feel and until you feel the blade slice you open and gut you, what you feel is never really effected by what you know and think.
I can vouch for this. 
So, the muchness lured Sandra into thinking that Jesse James was simply misunderstood, that it would take her generosity, her humor and sex appeal to give the man what he needed and even with an Oscar in her hand and back to back billion dollar movies, he still needed to get his rocks off balls deep in some tattooed port'o'potty'pussy fame whore.  It's never enough for a man to have a woman who is smart, funny, sexy, rich and in love with him, there's always something MORE out there and the men are certain that the "more" can only be found in the pussies, mouths and assholes of trashy sluts.
Why are the muchness and the more clouding us as a people?  Or, maybe I'm just naive and it's actually the muchness and the more that defines us as people?
I'll tell you what I think, since it's my blog ;p  I don't have a problem with Jesse James being a ho, I just think that it's unfair that tax paying, consenting adults who are law abiding citizens are DENIED the right to marriage when Jesse James is on his, what?  Seventh divorce?  That's not cool.  Either deny all people the right to get married more than three times or abolish marriage altogether.  That seems fair to me. 
How come you need a license to drive and a license to fish, but you can bring a person into the world and not have to feel even slightly obligated to be responsible to them??  Jesse James and Sandra Bullock just went to court to get custody of one of his daughters because the baby momma is in jail and can't keep sober enough to take care of her properly.   Maybe Jesse James isn't cut out  for monogamy, but he has actively participated in the parenting of a child who now has a relationship with Sandra and certainly has the right and need to be cared for by loving and responsible people...he didn't just cheat on Sandra, he cheated his children and THAT is more despicable, in my eyes, than just bagging a whore.
A little discretion Jesse, it goes a long way. 
The Tigers, the Jesses, the Daves...they are a dime a dozen really as nobody expects them to be faithful...but they really should be.  Or why bother?