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April 30, 2013

They didn't become fashionable only till recently. People kept small dogs, called lap dogs for hundreds of years.

Dogs are very popular as pets, we all know that. There are around 78.2 million dogs in the United States alone - 78.2 million of man's best friend. Dogs love unconditionally, are smart, love kids and are an endless source of fun.

So what's up with teacup dogs?

These tiny dogs, with their irresistible charm and puppy-like shape constitute a very interesting subset of their kin. They were specially bred not only to be very tiny, but also to retain their youthful appearance even when they are old. Big heads, short limbs and muzzles, high forehead are some of their most remarkable features.

About tea cup puppies…

They didn't become fashionable only till recently. People kept small dogs, called lap dogs for hundreds of years. The Pekingese lapdog is one of the oldest breeds we know about and they were bred already in ancient China. Besides being pets, their owners often looked at them as fashion accessories, status symbols and some of the weirdest functions they served was to attract fleas away from their owners and to provide them warmth.

They are even part of global culture: you can see small dogs on ancient Chinese paintings and Middle Age European ones, like on the Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck, dated 1434. Obviously, nowadays no one uses them to attract fleas away from themselves or to provide themselves with warmth. Or at least we hope so.

Not counting their gorgeousness, we like them for some different reasons than before. One reason is that because they are so small - they can't hurt anyone. Not as if they wanted to, usually teacup dogs have great and friendly personalities. A more important reason is that because they are so small, they eat much less than a bigger dog. You don't have to worry about them eating, for example, ten pounds of food, as that would be many times their own weight. But the owners should keep in mind that this also means that they don't bear hunger as well as their bigger brothers.

Because of their size, they won't take up much room in the house. Don't forget, if your dog is big, her bed, toys and all other accessories will also take up more room. Add all these up and you will see how much size matters when we're talking about teacups.

They are also easy to transport: while their big brothers are so big that you could ride on them like on horses, these tiny friends will not cause you problem if you have to pick them up for any reason. You just do it and put them where you need them to be. Thus it's easier to take them for a walk, as they won't knock you over in their excitement over a dog-friend. Taking them to a vet is much easier as well.

It is also true that, while in nature the smaller mammals have usually shorter lifespans than the big ones, these 'teacups' enjoy quite long lives: often 10-14 years.

If you are planning to get a puppy, consider a teacup. The amount of fun is the same, while there are less problems with them.

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