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March 06, 2011

my failure at trying to ascend Mt. Twitter

Twitter is a fickle whore who's daily emotions ebbs and flows like the tides.  I've attempted to embrace the world of tiny url's and # number sign {some word} or @ at someone who will never read my crap.  My post are so lame I can't even get a period to follow them

There's  a homeless man that knew a guy that saw a celebrity drive by that has more followers than me.

I noticed that if I said something about cars, i would immediately have new followers based on that topic.  I spoke about horse racing, I got new followers that were into racing.  The other day I talked about red headed, sex crazed nympho maniacs.  My theory was blown away because not one sex addict followed me and I lost all the car and horse followers.  Strange.