1. Dogs With Sun in Their Eyes 

2. Asian Babies

3. Adults With Poor Fashion Sense


From the product's actual description: "A fun conversation starter at costume parties and picnics." 

It's also a great conversation ender. 

Normal Person: Hey, is that a hamburger hat.
You: Yes. 
Normal Person: Oh my phone's ringing. TTYL.

4. Muscular Dogs 

5. Children Who Don't Know Any Better 


6. Asian Adults (When you start them young, it leads to a rough road ahead)


7. 20-Somethings Who Finally Have Disposable Income but Don't Know What to Spend it On


8. These Girls. 

(Unrelated, SNL stole their "Tiny Hamburgers" sketch from these two.)

9. Ferrets

And as a bonus, here's a sweet old lady eating a giant hamburger. She'll be wearing this later.