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December 27, 2011

There are a few things that need explanations, such as, the need for plus sized bike shorts.

Some people wonder about Easter Island and how the pyramids were formed. I think more thought should be spent on figuring out these little world mysteries.

4. Diet Drinks and Not So Diet Meals

I get it; there is a reason for diet drinks. What I don’t understand is why would you order one at McDonalds alongside a quarter pounder (with extra cheese)? If anything, that would be the most appropriate time to drink a full calorie beverage. Trust me, that diet coke isn’t fooling anyone.

3. Going Back to Work to Pay the Nanny

I used to think that it was profitable for all moms to go back to work. Not so much. It was recently brought to my attention that some nannies make almost as much as their employer’s salaries. I don’t understand why you would work for the sole purpose of childcare. Why not just skip the middle man and take your own kid to the park?

2. Adding Height to Dating Profile

Being short is not a crime. Adding 6 inches onto that number for your online dating profile is. I don’t understand how you can’t see that this fun fact will be uncovered. Then not only are you short, but you are a liar as well. Seriously, if you want a second date, own your stunted growth.

1. Spandex Attire Offered in Plus Sizes

WHY? Just tell me why. Isn’t there enough suffering going on in the world without forcing people to see a 300 lb man in hot orange bike shorts? I don’t understand why this is not illegal. It should be. Enough said.