Salt Lake City, Utah (HAHAJK) — A North Carolina man has cut his solo hike trip short after finding himself unable to function without his iPhone for more than 24 hours.

Richards had another hiker take this photo with his iPhone before regrettably leaving it in his car

Inspired by a Hollywood movie about a man who cut off his own arm to save himself after being trapped by a boulder in the same canyon, Billy Richards, 34, of Raleigh, North Carolina realized he had made a grave mistake thinking he could go about his day without checking his phone for tweet updates, texts, emails, or a game of Angry Birds, sources tell HAHAJK.

Authorities say Richards is now recovering at home. He said he was inspired to hike Little Blue John Canyon after he saw the Oscar-nominated movie “127 Hours” but said he became “bored out of his f*cking mind”.

Canyonlands National Park rangers found Richards four hours later attempting to draw a game of Angry Birds on the dirt, as well as a numerical keypad, which he used to make “pretend” phone calls.

Richards recalls, “I don’t remember much of the ordeal, but I do know I wish I had my phone with me the whole time. I don’t know why I thought I could ever function without it.”

Richards was treated for extreme boredom, technology withdrawal disorder, and exposure. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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