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Published December 12, 2010
US online casino players get a reason to be happy. Especially it’s relevant for the residents of New Jersey. You have probably heard about the bill, which was introduced to New Jersey Senate at the beginning of the year, haven’t you? Sure, you have. The bill is quite popular, as it’s main objective is to make online casinos legal at least at the territory of one particular state.

Final decision has not yet been made, but many people are already dreaming about having new e-gaming mecca. However, legalizing of online casinos in New Jersey will be done not only for fun. It has serious grounds for it, which are now actively discussed. You know that Atlantic City in NJ, which was once an extremely popular place for land-based casino players, is suffering a decline. The owners suffer from great losses, and online casinos may become a saving straw for them.

Another reason is a low state budget, which can be also re-fuled with taxes received from online casinos. And the third reason was lack of working places after the world financial crisis. So this bill which is known as S 490 may solve three problems at one blow. Perhaps, these facts make people make fast decisions. Fortunately, the bill is now actively passing forward. Not jinxing it!

Now let’s hope that everything will go OK and that the final decision will be made till the end of this year. Legal online casinos in NJ may become one of the best presents for Christmas for players in the USA.

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