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July 06, 2009


I heard it was food poisoning, he ate some 10 year old nuts.

They knew that something was wrong when all the color drained back into him.

On the way to hospital, he woke up temporarily and asked to be put on the children's ward.

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and Disney films? Disney films can still touch children.

The Jackson 5 are offering a 20% discount on their reunion.

The funeral has had to be put off until next Thursday because plastic recycling won't be collected until then.

I don't feel anything about his death.  He just never touched me when I was younger...

Madonna cant believe her luck...  3 more black kids up for adoption.

In honour of Michael Jackson passing away, McDonalds is introducing the MJ Burger...  50 year old meat between 10 year old buns.

Why did Michael Jackson die at 3:15?  Because it's when the big hand touches the little hand.

I heard he went into cardiac arrest when he heard that boy's trousers at Macys are half off. 
-Another report said that he got food poisoning after eating an eleven year old weiner.
-Another report said that he was in fact in the children's ward having a stroke.

An inquest into his death has been ruled out it would just be a whitewash.

He hasn't been this stiff since McCauley Culkin visited him. Now they can finally make Home Alone 4.

His last will and testament declared that he wanted to be melted down into shopping bags so that he can remain white, plastic and dangerous for children to play with.