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January 14, 2011

What I hate about the rich kid at the NFL game.

What I Hate #1

The thing I hate most about watching the NFL is the rich kid not watching the game. In my mind there are only three reasons why the eyes are not on the field, discounted nachos in the 4th quarter, boobs, and beer, not always in that order. It is like when the guy waves the foam finger around for the special teams.

I just hate that rich kid because he is 30 years younger than me, and has every thing I want. Sideline seats and a woman that pays for everything. What’s worse is how the camera just loves the kids too. It is like FOX is trying to make every slovenly man have to put himself on the list. So do us all a favor, if your rich don’t bring you kid to the game unless you have one of those rich kids going to be a good quarterback kids, then that’s ok. And as for FOX, keep the camera at field level. Either the Cheer leaders, or the men wearing tight pants.