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Written by Lauren Palmigiano

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April 19, 2009

1.  We should make brownies.

2.  When my cat meows at the walls, I have a feeling she is talking to ghosts.

3.  The phone is not ringing.

4.  It's easy to win sweepstakes if you are committed to playing a lot of them.

5.  We really should make brownies.

6.  So much funny stuff happens when we're high, if we wrote it all down, we could have the next million dollar stoner comedy, easy!

7.  I remembered what we were talking about before! Her name was Melinda Doolittle.

8.  Snoop Dogg would respect me because of how hard I can rip a bong.

9.  There are different levels of epiphanies.

10.  Not pot brownies, we should make regular brownies to eat since we're already high.

11.  It's almost 2015 - the year in Back to the Future II where they had hover boards and flying cars, but I don't feel like we are close enough to having those as an affordable reality in six years . And it bums me out. Because I'm really looking forward to hover boards.

12.  In Asia, people spit in the street a lot, and Americans think it's weird. I bet the thing Americans do that Asians think is weird is not spit in the street a lot.

13.  I haven't been outside in three days.

14.  I once had brownies with little Snickers bars in them. We should make those kind of brownies.

15.  The guys who wrote the "Chris Brown should get his ass kicked" song are balls out.

16.  Today is only Monday!

17.  We should make a time capsule.

18.  The craziest thing in the world is a non-reversing mirror.

19.  There are infinity different kinds of pizza.

20.  Million dollar idea: Brownie Pizza.