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December 05, 2010

G2E 2010 and internet gambling

Last November was remarkable for the Global Gaming Expo that took place in Los Angeles. This event is held annually and gathers the owners of all the largest land-based casinos in the US and other people involved into this profitable business. Global Gaming Expo actually focuses on the topics vital for brick-and-mortar casinos. However, this year some sessions and conferences were devoted to the issues of online casino for US players.

2-days Conference held in the framework of G2E was mainly devoted to the legalization of internet gambling on the territory of the United States of America. Owners of land-based casino halls expressed their worries that legal gambling sites can steal all the popularity of traditional casinos and make them bankrupt. Casinos of such gambling centers as Atlantic City and Las Vegas suffered a lot from the recent recession. Their owners complain that low revenues are also connected to myriads wagering sites existing in the world wide web right now.

However, my personal opinion is that the owners of brick-and-mortar casinos just found someone to be blamed for. For me internet gambling is an absolutely new niche that facilitated our lives and helped to promote gambling. If every online casino for US players gets shut down, then most its visitors will never even think of going to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to play their favourite games live. Going to Las Vegas is a luxury that only a few can afford, especially in hard times of recession.

I can just hope that our legislators and internet gambling opponents can see the advantages of legalizing this business and canceling this stupid UIGEA Act that doesn’t actually work anyway. Btw, if you want to read more about Global Gaming Expo discussions of online casino for US players  , you can follow the link.