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February 27, 2012

The adventures of two heroes with no clue what they are really doing.


     When we last saw our heroes they were fulfilling their ultimate wishes in a McDonalds lobby. Now they've managed to stumble back to Room 420, their secret base located in the bank building. It's calm. After a night of fit full sleeping in his office chair, Thunder awakens to a loud bang on the front door. Jumping from his chair in fright he hits the floor and after a minute manages to wake up enough to stand and move towards the door, slowly gaining the feeling back in his legs. Thunder gets to the door and without thinking or anything opens the door.      Standing in front of him is the building janitor, a Mexican man in his early 20s probably the same age as Thunder and a good six feet tall, and quite possibly illegal, carting his cart right behind him which is loaded with funny looking bottles all with Spanish written on them.
   "Sorry amigo, I didn't mean to disturb you but no one has given me a key to yall's office yet so I thought I would personally come ask you's if you would like a quick cleaning...oh and that half the town can smell what’s going down in here," he says in a heavy Mexican accent.
   "What?" Thunder, still to asleep to really understand what is going on suddenly realizes that the whole office smells like the greenest of green, but he hasn't been the cause of it, he's been asleep. "Um I think we're good. Uh no clean today por favor."
   "Damn gringo I aint retarded. Man your an asshole." and with that the janitor turns to walk away and just as Thunder begins to close the door this Mexican lets out a grunt and with great force rams the cart into the door, knocking Thunder to his feet and leaving him in a dazed state.
   "You should a let me clean up essay. Ohh we about to have fun," and with that he closed the door.
  In a secret room in the office, Lightning’s hears the thump on the floor and his head shoots up with a funny Chinese look in his eyes, but has no idea what is going on. Maybe Thunder is just practicing falling down again. That silly kid. As he lowers his head and lights his torch and listens to the deep bubbling sound that slowly engulfs the room. Maybe in a minute he'll go scare Thunder who doesn't even know he's there. Thunder was asleep when he snuck in sometime in the wee morning hours after his big fight with his girl.
   "What do want from me? Anything you can have it just spare my ass!" Thunder tries to scream as a sweaty bandanna is thrust into his mouth.
   "Shut up you don't need to talk. Just listen. I have been watching you two for a long time now and it's time that I learn what I came to this country to do. How do I acquire these mighty powers that you and Lightning possess? Tell me!!
    " I will never tell! It’s the greatest secret known to any man! And Lightning will be here any minute to save me you won't get away with this!"
   "That's where your wrong little man! I WILL!"
  To be continued...