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April 20, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #44

Introducing: the pinnacle of the "space" contest series, an exceptional selection!
It is eponymously titled, to boil down the essence of the artist: "WHAM!"
And the Fact Checking Award goes to:
1978, Produced by Ken Laxton and Nelson Larkin
It's disco with funky, laid back and even some country feel.
1. Lovemaker
2. In Love With Love
3. Say What
4. Prison Of Love
1. Superslick
2. Living On Love
3. Do You Feel Like Dancin'
4. It's Worth Waiting For
5. Boogie Uptown
- csymonz
(is a "lovemaker" kinda like a "haymaker", but with love?)

9. This instructional 8-disc set, HOW TO BEAT YOUR WOMAN, is yours for only 3 easy installments of $19.99.

8. Flailing about in a fit of panic, he just couldn't shake that gonorrhea...

7. First you have to pay!

6. Album Sales may not have been the "Hit" the Label hoped for, but concession sales of Blue Eye Shadow, Black Mascara, and Red Lipstick were a "Knockout"!!!

5.5. *Featuring Bradboard's #15 Hits You Haven't Heard "Your Face My Fist (Wrist Humpin' Aw Yeah Check Out This Magic Girl Humpin' My Wrist While I Beat You Down Damn)"
5. At their live shows, they throw hammers at the audience.

4. I think that IS George Michael...riding the fist...all...the...waaaaay...OH!!!..OH!...to...the...elb...OOooWwW!!!!!

3.25. The ultimate soundtrack for wife-beating on bad acid.
( Contains the smash hit “ She Just Wouldn’t Listen ”. )
3. Includes the rare Country Chart-Topper :
“ Her Neck Is Broken, But Her Hair Looks Great ”.

2.75. After the "Addams Family" went off the air, Thing released a solo record.
2. and then it hits you.

1. After escaping from her womb he cried 'Freedom'