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February 27, 2017

“A conversation is, an exchange of words that happens between people, and it's important that we have it"

Liberal Student Continues to Have Conversation About Having a Conversation

Saying that it is more important than ever for people to come together and talk about the many challenges that we face today as a human community, NYU Junior Sarah J Thomas engaged her peers in an in-depth conversation about how vital it is to have a conversation.

“We need to have a conversation,” said the sociology major for the 500th time already five hours into the conversation. “Climate change, human rights, minorities, immigration. That’s important. It’s all important. It’s really, really important. And we need to talk about it… We need to come together, as community. That’s the only way. That is the only possible way. We need to have that conversation. We need to include more people in the conversation…”

Just when a fellow student was about to interrupt to try to begin an actual dialogue about climate change, and whether solutions for it should be approached through governmental planning and public policy, or through incentives for free market innovation, Ms Thomas kept going.

“A conversation is, umm, an exchange of words that happens between people. It happens when a person has a message that they send out to one or many recipients. Then those recipients, they get the message, they analyze it, and they come up with their own message, and send it back. And that shit matters fam. You know, people matter, words matter…. Racism is a problem. We need to have a conversation about that too.”

Before Ms Thomas could finish her thoughtful discussion, sea levels rose to a catastrophic degree, the world was overtaken by war, famine and disease, and Elon Musk flew away to Mars.