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June 01, 2012

After big tracking for their upcoming 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,' Fox has greenlit another historically minded supernatural film, 'Grover Cleveland: Mermaid Fucker'.

After big tracking for their upcoming film, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Fox has greenlit another historically minded supernatural blockbuster, Grover Cleveland: Mermaid Fucker.

Like Vampire Hunter, Mermaid Fucker is adapted from a novel by Seth Grahame-Smith. The author's trademark is to expose the supernatural traits of historical figures, like vampire slaying, zombie massacring, or mermaid screwing.

"There's so much people need to remember about Cleveland," says Liam Neeson, who's attached to star as the mermaid smitten president. "His commitment to assuring Hawaii not be annexed, his strong opposition to tariffs. He also liked to fuck a mermaid now and then."

According to an inside source, Fox has also tasked a team of unpaid interns to search Wikipedia for US Presidents' supernatural encounters. "We've got lightning in a bottle," said the source. "Did you know President Taft ate elves?"