Top 10 Things i would buy if i where super rich. 

#10. i would buy a U.H.F. station and turn it into a pirate T.V. station ( And am also starting a pirate radio station on the CB ) 

#9. Buy a Vacant Sports Stadium for my newly owned X.F.L. team because the X.F.L. is back bitches !. 
 ( airing on the Pirate U.H.F. station ) 

#8. Mail order Bride me up baby because daddy needs laid son ! 

#7.  The W.C.W. pro wrestling copyrights so i can re-birth W.C.W. on T.B.S. and T.N.T. again. 

#6. Become the owner of iron City Beer so i can drink for free and give out drinks for free because i own the shit ! 

#5. Have one of them H.G.T.V. shows build me a house made out of hemp fiber on my weed farm. 

#4. A never ending boner pill. 

#3.  A team of highly trained monkeys ( to work in the weed farm ) 

#2. A Vegan fast food chain called Veggie Land and am putting them all over the lands for my vegan friends on the run. 

#1. Every Movie ever , Ever episode of every T.V. show , all on VHS. 

Bonus : The biggest Dick the world !