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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
The Father, Son and Holly Spirit

Like i always say big dogs. That the only thing i want and need in life besides my own pad, my own wipe both that i own out right. Some steady p*ssy from a hot chick my own age with out kids and to get payed well for doing sh*t like this and playing music and what not kind of  crap so i don't ever have to work a dead end job again ( Not looking good right now for any of these things at all for me just so you know.) anyways besides that stuff the only thing i want in life is that the Pittsburgh Pirates will get over 500% win the Central Divison and win the NL and go on to win the W.S this year ( As i say every year for the past 27 years.) that is all that is importent to me in life. An really is more importent to me than life it self and more importent than even the Steelers of the Pens by far and away to me for dang sure son and that is saying a lot. So f*ck it all just win Pirates for the love God. Yeah things are not good in the hood with me at all. But it's like the old saying goes you  attract what you are in life or as my dad would tell me and my drug-e friends birds of feather flock together. An since am the bigest loser you ever did see and the Pirates are my favorit in any sport know wounder they been under 500% for 21 years in a row. So God please help them win for the love of all that is good just f in win pirates so i can start getting my life together because am way past do and i don't want to be homeless come winter time.  So channel the power of Zoltan and win it all in 2013 because am sick of crying myself to sleep every dang night. For real pirates it's time to f in win. No more BS!  "i have a feeling Hell is better than my life." but yet i still have some  faith so lets do this! Because i can feel it my bones that somthing good is going to happen i can just feel it baby! WOO!