My work out mix tape.  

A side: 

Here i Go Again - Whitesnake ( Now this is the best song to kick off a badass workout son ! Because here i god again ! )

Turn Me Loose by Loverboy ( Because i got my way or no way at all you dig. ) 

Born To Be Alive by Patrick Hernandez  ( Because i needs too feel alive ! ) 

Knock on Wood by Ami Stewart ( Because am going to get a good workout in i better knock on wood. Sidenote i feel like Chevy Chase when i hear this song.) 

Money Gabber By Fitz and the Tantrums ( Because i was made too want it all baby ! ) 

Physical By Olivia Newton John ( Classic workout music.  O ! Julie ! Julie ! Julie !) 

Rock of Ages By Def Leppard ( Because it's better to burn out than fade away so rock on with you bad self ! )

Black Betty By Ram Jam ( Now that is my lifting song right there bud. ) 

Some like it Hot By The Power Station ( i have the power ! ) 

it's My Life By Bon Jovi ( Because i just want live when am alive. ) 

Roller Coaster of Love By The Red Chili Peppers ( Now that is a cover song for your ass ! ) 

Pump up the Jam by D.O.N.S. feat. Technotronic ( Pump Pump Pump it UP ! )

Now You're a Man by Matt Stone and Trey Parker ( MAN UP ! ) 

B side: 

You've Got Another Thing Comin' by Judas Priest ( Because that right sucka you got another comin ! ) 

Ain't it Fun By Paramore ( Don't go crying to your momma when it's workout time. Good song for some hard running.) 

Burn By Ellie Goulding ( This song really gives me the push i need in my workout. An i also enjoy smoking weed when this song on because you got to let it burn burn burn. ) 

Gimme Gimme By Lords of Acid ( Gimme Gimme what i need Gimme Gimme what i feel Gimme Gimme what i want. "Really any Lords of Acid will work." ) 

Goodbye Horses By Q Lazzarus ( Would you f*ck me because i would f*ck me i would f*ck me so hard ! ) 

Raw Power By The Stooges ( Now this song will get your ass moving. ) 

Mighty Little Man - Steve Burns ( Because yes that is right am a mighty little man. ) 

Otis Day & The Knights ( Shama Lamma Ding Dong ) 

The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang ( Because you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals. ) 

Ain't Got No Home By Frogman ( Am just a lonely boy. ) 

Ruby Soho by Rancid ( The Ruby Soho is a HO ! ) 

Lori Meyers By NOFX ( Yeah i knew a lot of women like Lori Meyers in my day but their all dead now. ) 

Two Tone Army By Toasters ( Now that is a good song for jump rope work. ) 

i need Hero - Bonnie Tyler ( F*ck it i'll be a hero ! ) 

Atomic Dog by George Clinton ( it's just the dog in me ! ) 

More Bounce To The Ounce By zapp and roger ( kick that track on the tape and work it out when watching them phat a*s b*tches do their thing at the gym. O i know their watching me ! ) 

Same Song By Digital Underground ( Yo it's just the same old song. ) 

Back to Life By Soul II Soul ( whoever you want me. ) 

You never Done it like That By Captain and Tennille ( Now that is a feel good song if their ever was one baby. ) 

Groove is in the Heart by Deee-Lite ( Now this song is true Dee-Lite ) 

Believe it or Not By Joey Scarbury ( always a good tune to end the workout on for sure dogs. ) 

( Sorry out of tape. ) 


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