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The Weekend Crew ( Nelson Jefferson and his wife Sally have been best friends with Levi Callaway and his wife Marjean been the best of friends with Nelson and Sally since high school. An they both couples have a kid. Timmy Callaway is 10 years old and Tammie Jeffrson is also 10 year old and guess what Timmy and and Tammie where born on the same day and there in the same class in school. An a little info on the parents the men Nelson and Levi are both stay at home dads and the ladies Sally and Marjean both work at clothing store they own together called SM Clothing. An well now that Timmy and Tammie are old enough for sleep overs on the weekends you dig, the Jefferson family and Callaway family are going to use the same baby sister for now on come the weekends. An the baby sister is named Alexis Franklin she is Levi's 18 year old nieces and the kids love her. So now the double date weekends for the parents can go down at nights on the weekend. An now these four can act like total fools again. Because it's the weekend and it's time get wild and crazy as Hell ! An well this show is all about the funny as hell and wild as it gets double date weekends that these people get into on the weekends. Because it's everyone needs a little fun in there lives you know. You know some kind of sh*t like that will do for a new comedy show you know. )


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