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March 06, 2013

Feel free to liggity laugh

I suppose this will make a fine and dandy piece for those who like to laugh at the misfortunes of others, and I suppose that is part of the point of comedy, so my all means, if you want to make a "boo hoo infinite prose" piece, you have full permission. A man who has the balls to blow off his own head can take a shot or two of comedy. This life is misery without a lover's lips upon my own. I have the soul of a man who deserves to be rich and married to his soulmate. 980-213-5847 for those with bravery, words of love, the desire to hear a story of a man who wants to dig his own grave, or the desire to help two lovers reach glorious new heights  **And to top it all off Sin City Modeling is informing me that I can only perform for male customers and I have to list myself as a bi-sexual or gay** #Welcome To Hell