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May 01, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest  #49

Introducing ... a mammoth release from Johnny Dorelli, a real hoot for the chicadees and chicadudes ...
"WE LIKE JOHNNY" ... the Italian Crepax label's gift to America!

And (the) "The More You Know" award goes to:
Johnny dresses to the left.

8. Just like Tiger, Johnny wants to get a hole in one.

7. I don't know how he'll fit his round peg in their triangle holes.

6. That girl on the right is not very convincing...

5. Debbie'Blondie'Harry on the right looks bored,no Debbie you can't rap

4. Johnny's too cool to notice the women behind him in various states of orgasm.

3.5. He has a bunch of those new-fangled adapter-thingies so you can play 45s on a regular spindle.
3. Tan suits make us gush like hydrants.

2. maybe they can wash his shitty Fiat with their bewbies

1. The trench coat is real, but the suit had to be added digitally to meet FCC standards