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August 30, 2016

Everybody has a story to tell, Here are some anonymous stories we’ve heard from passengers and transportation services.


There are tons of Uber stories about drunk people and this one is not an exception.It was 3:00 in the morning when a guy asked for an uber after partying all night.Of course he was drunk and felt sleep in the backseats. When the driver arrived to the passenger’s destination he said “all right man, we’ve arrived” but had no response. He repeated it and nothing happened. Then he decided to get out of the car and tried to shake him slowly to wake him up but the passenger didn’t response. The driver started freaking out thinking he might was dead, he went grab his phone to call 911 when he realized the passenger was out the car walking to his home without a word. “He probably was sleep walking” said the driver.

Private transportation agencies.

A kid called asking for a Baltimore sedan number almost at midnight, so the customer service agents got a little concerned. The kid said that he had just turned 18 that night and wanted a ride to a local strip club. And that’s not all, he also stole his mom’s credit card to make the reservation. Of course the kid didn’t had success and the agents rejected his request.

Taxi Cabs

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, this story has one! A group of friends went to a party that night and they were looking for a ride back to their college town. Suddenly a taxi cab stopped just in front of them at street and they automatically got inside it (they were drunk and they didn’t noticed anything weird at the moment). They never talked to the driver during the entire ride (they said the driver was acting and looking like an unknown anonymous man) and fortunately they arrived home safety. After that, they felt a stranger presence and creepy feelings with them the whole night.


Granny on board. One day, a grandma just called her grandson totook her to the market and get some stuff. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the best grandson and the child decided to better book her a ride with this company;but don’t worry, keep reading, she received one of the best drivers that could ever exists. He helped her to get in the car, comfortable, playing some old classic music during the ride (they also sang together) and being patient withall the stops she needed (you know, market, drugstore, payments, etc.). She washaving fun and the driver attended all her requests. After a long long ridethey arrived home and the grandma said “thank you so much son, I hope to take aride with you again someday” and she gave him a $100 bended bill on his hand.


I was on the bus on myway from school and at one of the stops this man came on holding a bible andwas like, “I’m going to KILL everybody on this bus.” He startsquoting from the book of Revelations and I’m freaked out like OMG I’m going todie today. He just kept saying he was gonna kill everybody on thebus. Luckily the next stop was me and my friends stop to get off. We got off and I tell me friend, “Omg I’m so glad we got out of there, Iwas really afraid he was gonna kill us.” My friend looks at me crazyand is like, “Girl, he said he was gonna HEAL everybody on thebus.” I felt like a dumbass lol.

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