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August 15, 2014

If you die and go to hell, you’ll look back on your earthly life now in great regret. NOW is the time to change things before it is too late! NOW is the time to tell your family and others to REPENT. Looking back on your week, how many precious opportunities slipped through your fingers to witness about salvation or at least hand out salvation literature? Our days are dark and desperate. Many people are without hope and many others have a false hope. People need ETERNAL TRUTH. They need God’s word. You are to be LIGHT in your area! Friend of Jesus Christ and desperate to introduce him to others. www.aggressivechristianity.net


THE SECRET WEAPONThe greatest threat to the existence of our society today isnot air pollution, or water pollution, but MIND POLLUTION. For the firsttime in history, man has an instrument through which the masses can betaught and controlled effectively, immediately, and effortlessly. Thatinstrument is TELEVISION, the most devastating brainwashing device everunleashed upon humanity. To deny that television is a brainwashing tool,teaching and motivating people on a daily basis is to deny reality. Inthe hands of militant sodomites who have effectively infiltrated all majormedia, television has proved to be the “secret weapon” in theirblatant attempts to capture the youth of the world.

BLUE NEWS FOR YOUThe television is the devil’s instrument and is used for the destructionof the soul, for the erosion of morality and the degradation of nations.Television is bringing the world into bondage. No longer are people energeticand ambitious, but for the most part, they are dupes, robots and zombies,surrendered to the commands of the one-eyed devil. The advent of pornographyand rock videos on TV has served to erode the moral fiber of youth evenfarther. We now have entire generations who have grown up under the commandsof the beast -without any real character or moral fiber of their own. Thesemedia robots are at all times ready to receive the filth and vileness whichis spewed out incessntly through the “family entertainment” ofthe television set. Many are literally addicted to television and are actuallyunable to cope without at least one running in the background. Televisioncontrols 90% of the average person’s thinking and acting, as well as theirconsuming and spending habits.

The devil himself knows what an important tool the TV is, for throughit he can control and mastermind the deceit of hundreds of thousands ofpeople simultaneously. He is no one’s fool when it comes to ensnaring souls,and through cunning craftiness, he brings many into captivity to sin usingthe innocent guise of entertainment. Countless hours are spent by the averageviewer in front of the mesmerizing conglomeration of garbage, and for what?To prove that without direction, people can be taken over, controlled andmanipulated easily, and they have! Multitudes have lost their integrity,they have lost their honesty, purity and their willingness to work, allin the name of “entertainment”. Millions have become media magnets,stuck to anything the television tells them, ready to believe all of the"nosey news" reports, the scores of “experts” who appearon the screen, and the plastic politicians who always assure everyone thatthings are under control.

And of course the Christians have been snared with the rest. Throughthe spread of “Christian” television networks the enemy has erodedthe backbone of the Christain community and has convinced “viewers"that Christianity is just one big party of talk shows, big money, beautifulclothes, singing and swaying girls, rock and roll music, and of coursesoap opera love affairs. It is one filthy, swirling mess, bringing corruptedvalues into the body of Christ, creating a fairy-tale fantasy of foolishnesswhereby the unsuspecting are duped out of their money whilst they are givena fool’s gold imitation of Christianity. Persecution, sacrifice, and carryingour cross are never mentioned. And because the palate of the average TVChristian is so dull, they do not realize they are being fed poison, insteadthey think it’s a treat, and they grab it up, convincing themselves howgood it is to feed off of lust, greed, covetousness, and gossip… allin the name of the gospel.

ELECTRIFIED EVIL!Needless to say, the devil has moved in through the rock music sceneon TV and now, millions are addicted to the filthy videos and live concertsthat run 24 hours a day via the idiot box. These videos and concerts arenothing more than images of violence, pornography, perversion, drug abuse,and loud noise, all forms of demonic exposition. As torrents of pervertedsexual demons flow from the TV screen, millions of once intelligent, ambitionsyouth have become addicted and mindless fools, falling down before thecontrol box daily, receiving their commands and demands, and then livingthem out. How Satan must delight to see the violence, filth and wickednessbeing manifested through people who once were strong and alert and carrieda high moral standard. TV slaves are innumerable, caught in a hopelessbondage, and if ever a rare individual refuses the television, they arebranded as "fanatic” or “foolish” -how could anyonenot own a television and not be it’s absolute slave?

YOU’RE PLUGGED IN!!Television light is purposeful and directed rather than ambient. Itis projected into our eyes from behind the screen by cathode-ray guns whichare literally aimed at us. These guns are powered by 25,000 volts. Theguns shoot electron streams at phosphors on the screen. This makes thephosphors glow, and their light projects from the screen into our eyes.When you watch TV you are not just looking at light; it is more accurateto say that light is projected into you. You are receiving light throughyour eyes into your body, far enough in to affect your endocrine system.When you are watching TV, you are experiencing something like lines ofenergy passing from cathode gun to phosphor through your eyes into yourbody. You are as connected to the television set as your arm would be tothe electrical current in the wall if you had stuck a knife in the socket.This is not conducive to your spiritual health!

ARE YOU BEING BRAINWASHED?Brainwashing techniques make use of artificial environments which reduceand narrow sensory experience to fit their own new confined reality. Theeffect and purpose of this narrowing is to increase awareness and focusupon the politics, materialism, entertainment, spectacles and other drugsthat society uses to keep us within its boundaries. We can consider TVto be an advanced brainwashing technique. Sitting in darkened rooms, withthe natural environment obscured, other humans dimmed out, only the eyesand ears operating, both within a very narrow range, other body functionstilled, staring at light for hours and hours, the experience adds up tosomething nearer to brainwashing than anything that has come before it.

Television isolates people from their environment, from each other,and from their own senses. We know that it is an accepted truth about brainwashingthat the subjects are unusually susceptible to suggestion. When you arewatching TV you are experiencing mental images, and these mental imagesare not yours. Because the rest of your capacities have been subdued, andthe rest of the world dimmed, these images are likely to have an extraordinarydegree of influence. Am I saying that TV is a brainwashing device? YES!There is no question but that someone is speaking into your mind, influencingyou to do something. First- Keep watching, Second- Believe what you aretold, Third- Buy something.

COMMON REPORTS: SICK, CRAZY, MESMERIZED!!Here are some common responses of people who watch TV. How many ofthese have you experienced??

1) “I feel hypnotized when I watch TV.”
2) “I feel like it’s brainwashing me.”
3) “TV is an addiction and I’m and addict!”
4) “My kids look like zombies when they’re watching TV.”
5) “TV is destroying my mind.”
6) “If a TV is on, I just can’t keep my eyes off of it.”
7) “I feel mesmerized by it.”

PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE“According to the latest Mental Health Alert poll, an amazing9 out of 10 people say they actually believe what they see on televisionto be an accurate representation of reality. Experts agree that resultsof recent studies show people who watch more TV are prone to paranoia,emotional distress and multiple personality syndrome (MPS). Many reportbeing unable to distinguish between television and real life. Others saythey feel like they are being "manipulated”, and report almostuncontrollable urges to imitate behavior they have viewed on TV.“

TELEVISION -THE SURROGATE PARENTThe surrogate (substitute) parent of American children is the television.The TV has become the governing factor in American homes. The televisionin it’s idiocy has been responsible for the formation of millions of mindlessrobots who do only what the TV tells them to do. If the TV tells them toeat and they aren’t hungry, they eat anyway, if the TV tells them to rebel,and they nothing to rebel about, they do it anyway. The television undoubtedlycontrols the minds, the habits, the activities of 98% of all Americans.Television addiction is the number one killer of ambition, individuality,loyalty, energy and accomplishment. The television does all, sees all,tells all -and millions of brainwashed dupes sit waiting breathlessly fortheir next command from the one-eyed ruler of their destiny.

THE GREAT EDUCATORThe greatest educator in the world today is not the school, or thechurch, or even the home. It is the TELEVISION! A youngster who graduatesfrom high school has spent approximately 50% more time in front of thetelevision than in the classroom. The values and morals of the major medianetworks are diametrically opposed to those of the Christian community.Don’t think the forces of evil have been slow to recognize the great opportunitypresented by such influence. From its very inception, television has beendestined to act as the "unifying force” in the plan to degrade,demoralize, dechristianize and DESTROY humanity.

HUMANIST VIEW OF SEXTelevision is the greatest sex educator, or sex miseducator, in theworld. Nowhere is television’s anti-Christian, humanist theology more evidentthan in the area of sex. Sex, according to the networks and Hollywood,is basically an activity one indulges in whenever and wherever one desires.Close monitoring of how sex is handled on the networks easily confirmsthis. Monitoring done by the Coalition For Better Television of prime-timenetwork television over a five-year period confirms that approximately80 percent of all allusions to sex are bewteen people not married to eachother. In other words, FORNICATION and ADULTERY!

TV ADDICTION OUT OF CONTROLTelevision continues to have an amazing grip on the average person.Studies have shown that the TV is on nearly one-third of each day in theaverage home and that millions of people say watching the tube is theirfavorite pastime. In one of the latest studies on TV habits, pollstersABC, Epcott and A.C. Nielsen revealed that TVs are on more than 7 hoursa day in the average American home. Viewers during their daily TV watchingare exposed to some 135 commercials. That means that during the courseof one year, the average person will have chalked up 2,520 hours of TVviewing including nearly 50,000 commercials. And we wonder why the worldhas problems!

NO MORE TABOOSWe must remember and reckon with the fact that TV has brought all thelust, corruption and pornography of modern entertainment right into ourliving rooms. And many of God’s people are only handling this invasionby the enemy with kid gloves instead of an AXE! If we do not think thisis a serious consideration, listen to the wise word of warning from NeilPostman of New York University. He says, “What television does isto bring the whole culture out of the closet, because programs need a constantsupply of new and exciting stimulation. In its quest for new and sensationalventures to hold its audience, TV must delve into every existing tabooand destroy every moral standard in our culture: Homosexuality, incest,divorce, fornication, corruption, adultery, occultism, satanism, and terribledisplays of violence and sadism…”.

CHRISTIANS AND TELEVISIONWhen Christians whet their appetites with carnal TV (most of whichis geared towards illicit sexual activity) they are only promoted and provokedtowards more ungodliness. Ministers are especially in this hour indulgingthemselves in the vicarious sins of the smut ridden TV programs, and thensneaking the “sex” videos and magazines into their homes to participatein the more forbidden pleasures. Never before have God’s men and womenbeen so far from His holiness in their actions and thought lives. Whena minster steeps himself in the filth of the world, how can he honestlyminster the clean, pure, holy word of God? How can he reflect the standardof holiness and righteousness after having an orgy in his thought lifebrought on by pornographic viewing? There is an epidemic in the land amongthe preachers. They are consumed with pornography and perversion as muchas the unsaved. Satan has unleashed hordes of perverse and sexual spiritsupon the land through television in this generation, but Christians, andministers in particular, are supposed to resist sin, to war against thedevil and his hordes and to keep themselves unspotted from the world. Sincewhen does God’s word condone any kind of perverse sexual activity in thename of recreation or entertainment? Christians who insist upon havingand viewing televisions are tempting God and allowing themselves and theirchildren to be subject to the very hosts of Hell!

What about Christian women partaking of an entertainment medium thatregularly brings to the television screen promiscuity, adultery, incest,homosexuality, endlessly serial marriages, drug abuse, violence and double-dealingof every imaginable variety? What about SOAP OPERAS? Could it be that thesedramas -with their ample supply of pre-, extra-, intra- and post-maritalsex- are the secret vice of the “traditional family values” gang?After all, with Dad at work and the kids at school, soap operas are theChristian housewife’s daytime home companion. Like most of us, the onething church women know is what they like, and from the shocking reportswe’ve gathered it’s surely not all art and Bible stories.

There is a clear border line between things which thrust themselvesupon our vision, and things which we choose to look upon. The one is innocence;the other is SIN! So long as we are in the world we cannot escape the first.But unless we “keep doing to death” the second, we will findourselves daily skirting the edge of the precipice of sin and final downfall.

THE GREAT SOUL EATERTelevision is the Devil’s tool for destruction and he has no scrupleswhen it comes to what he will use to destroy men’s souls, to tear downtheir moral fortitude and to devastate them through the devices of evil.Since the world has so wholeheartedly embraced television, becoming televisonrobots, the moral fiber has greatly deteriorated and the result is thatmen and women, boys and girls have become vegetables who do, act, and sayeverything which the television implants in their passive, putty-like minds.How unfortunate it is that people are no longer able to discern betweengood and evil, but only reflect what they have seen on television. We aredaily amazed at how perverted people are becoming, and it is because televisionpresents the heroes of our society in such a manner. If you are allowingthe TV to eat your soul, stop today and repent. Ask the Lord to free you.Become a vision seeker from God, then you will have a real vision to tell…one which will restore men’s souls and not destroy them.

AFTERNOON AFFAIR -SICK SOAPSIn this generation, there is a plague which is taking it’s toll onthe moral standards of women, and that plague is the porno-tinged diseaseknown as SOAP OPERAS Soap operas have over the years grown progressivelymore permissive, more oriented towards the new morality and have implantedinto the minds of millions the mentality that promiscuity is okay and thateveryone is doing it. The everyday episodes on the soaps convince womenthat they do not have to maintain fidelity to their husbands but that theyshould have and “afternoon affair” to add excitement and adventureto their lives. Such nonsense has permeated the average woman’s views ofsex, fidelity, morality, faithfulness, etc. How many Christian women spendtheir afternoons absorbed in the “soaps”, living vicariouslythrough someone else’s sex and love life while neglecting their dutiesas wives and mothers, and failing to live in the fear of God?

Many women have been known to quit jobs because those jobs interferredwith their soap opera ADDICTION! The devil of course is behind the adventof the soap opera craze, for he knows that as he degrades the morals ofwomen, that they in turn will raise up children who will not know truemorality but will have confused values in reference to sexual immoralitybecause of their own mother’s indulgences in “love in the afternoon”.But, what is even more amazing is that thousands of Christian women arejust as addicted to these filth strips as are the unsaved women. What isit about women which cause them to sacrifice everything to live in frontof the soaps? Is it because we have turned into a nation of blinded sexworshippers who will stoop to any level to bow down to our “sex-godidol”? Or, is it because the fiber of our nation has become so corruptedand rotted to the core, that virtuous women are non-existant and a mythof by-gone times? What happened to the women who spent their days in prayerand fastings… are they all dead, only to be replaced by sex-greedy lustqueens whose only desire is to live off someone else’s sins? Dear Christianwomen, don’t be a soap opera addict and then claim that you love God. Ifyou have the habit, turn from your wickedness and spend your time withthe Lord. HE IS WORTHY TO FILL UP OUR DAYS, AND WE NEED TO SEEK HIM. WEWONDER WHY OUR CHILDREN ARE TURNING INTO REBELLIOUS, UNCONTROLLABLE DEMONSBEFORE OUR VERY EYES. IT IS BECAUSE WE ARE REFUSING TO HOLD A PLACE INTHE SPIRIT AND TO FIGHT OFF THE OVERWHELMING FLOODS OF EVIL THAT HAVE BESETUS.

PEEP SHOWS COME HOMEThe place of women has traditionally been “keepers at home”,unfortunately if any women are left at home these days they have become"peepers at home", constantly feeding off of a diet of vicariousenjoyment through other people’s sex lives, personal problems and emotionaldistress in the form of “Talk Shows”. The talk show viewing crowdactually comes from every spectrum of life as viewers are captivated dailyby the lust, deceit, outrageous conversations and wicked deeds of the talkshow hosts and guests. So enthralled are viewers with the sordid love tales,kinky sex habits and personal vendettas of others that they actually becomeaddicted to this constant diet of mind numbing filth. The last severalyears have seen an explosion of talk shows, whose hosts become virtualcult leaders as millions worship them daily. As they compete to see whocan come up with the newest perversion to shock their audiences, theseshows leave no stone unturned. Every sick, kinky, unclean lifestyle becomesa valid topic of conversation, from lesbian love triangles, transvestitesmodeling underwear and animal sex, to vampires who are addicted to drinkinghuman blood, nothing is too rude, vulgar or dimented for the modern “talkshow”. Women who do hold jobs even figure out schemes to find outwhat is happening on their favorite show while they are at work. Some employershave succumbed to placing televisions in the break rooms in order to satisfythe lust hungry women who are addicted to these enticing tales of sexualfantasy.

As more and more men relinquish their places to the liberated ladies,they have submerged and supressed their male nature, with its only outletbeing to feed vicariously on the overwhelming amount of violence and tough-guyheros portrayed on TV. Fantasies of murder, robbery, rape, adultery, anddestruction of every type find their outlet through TV. The number of showsthat promote violence committed against women and the homosexual lifestyleare the devil’s panaceas for the frustrated male ego. The men, who havelong ago given up any idea of true godly manhood, sit in front of the television,receiving their daily dose of perverted and sadistic cheap thrills. Andthe devil smirks in glee, for he knows that he has them hopelessly clutchedin his claws of destruction. And as the children imitate their parentsexamples, little do these men realize that their sons won’t just watchwhat they see on TV, but they will do what they see… and the old manwill wonder why his son is going to prison, never stopping to considerthat the son learned his lessons on his father’s knee in front of the television!

THE HOME INVADERSThe Christian community in America and the world faces the greatestthreat to its existence in decades. I fully realize how extreme that statementsounds. There is an intentional conspiracy among the handful of peoplewho control the world’s media. Their goals are to reshape societies, tocontrol your thoughts and dictate to you what is right and wrong, to replacethe Christain view of man as our foundation with the humanist view of man,and to transform everyone into an “economic animal” which theycan manipulate and exploit for their financial gain. Television leads theway in this assault because it is by far the most powerful educator inmodern society.

What are the television networks “selling” nowadays? Casualsex, adultery, homosexuality, violence, abortion, perversion of every sort,evolution, drugs and alcohol. An antichrist, humanistic philosophy pervadesthe media -a philosophy that presents Christainity and Christians as stupidrelics of the past which should be done away with. Why should we allowthe TV to rule in our homes when it delivers nothing but a steady streamof blatantly non-Christian values? When are Christians going to wake upand take action?

WICKED THINGS BEFORE OUR EYESGod does not want His people to love the things of the world, nor tohave the evil before their eyes continually, yet we are living in a generationwhen people who are professing to be Christians are literally televisionaddicts and they will fight loudly and with great zeal to defend theiridol, the TV. We are amazed as we go forward in the Lord at the endlesscomplaints that have come against us as a ministry for our stand againsttelevision, movies and worldly music, all of which are forms of worldlinessand take the Christian away from the Lord and His holiness. How stupidis the average Christian to subject themselves to endless hours of “bloob-tube"watching -taking in all the filth, the vileness, the corruptedness of Sodom.Then the same Christian(?) will mumble a half-hearted prayer to God andwonders if He will hear. Of course He won’t hear, for God’s word tellsus that the Lord hears the prayers of the consistently righteous, not thecorrupted and purposely vile unrighteous, who are claiming the Lord’s namebut at the same time living in filthy degredation in front of the ungodlytelevision. Millions of people slurp down the television garbage like abunch of hogs feeding in a trough and then go drunkenly on their way, believingthat the television could never lie. Oh, how stupid, dull and fat of heartwe have become, when men who call themselves ministers spend their timein front of the pornographic beast and take that to be truth instead ofspending their time before the Living God and letting Him pinpoint thesins in their own lives that they could walk uprightly before God and leadothers in the way. Everyone these days is more concerned with having agood television and satellite dish than with having a conscience whichis right before God.

The word of God tells us that whoremongers, adulterers, thieves, fearful,and drunkards (to name only a few) will not enter into the Kingdom of God.If professing Christians are constantly in front of the TV, watching andenjoying these sins, as committed by the actors, then they, the viewers,are becoming a part of the defiled filth, they are partaking of other mens'sins and they will become the filth. It is only too obvious that thosewho are glued to the tube are NOT GOING TO ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD.The Bible says that the righteous shall scarcely be saved, that means thosewho are in right standing with God. So one can obviously conclude thatthose who are spending hours before the television idol will not enterinto the Kingdom of God. They have made their choice by inviting the hostsof Hell into their homes through the television set. Christians, stop beingdupes! Don’t you realize that the television is one of Satan’s most expertweapons to bring first of all your mind, then your heart, and finally yourbody into captivity to sin?

"Love not the world, neither the things that are inthe world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not inhim. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lustof the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of theworld.” I John 2:15-16

WILLINGLY DECEIVED!We deceive ourselves willingly when we want to partake of sins thatGod has taught us we must renounce. Take for example the abomination calledTELEVISION which is found in 99% of all so-called “Christian"homes. We become deceived when we convince ourselves that we can controlour viewing habits and watch only the "good shows” when PUREEVIL is only a channel away. THERE ARE NO GOOD SHOWS ON TELEVISION!If you claim to be a child of God, and you indulge in television, be itknown unto you that you are partaking of an ABOMINATION, and God will judgeyou accordingly. You can’t commit “just a little sin”. Eitheryou sin or you don’t sin, it is a black and white issue, there are no greyareas, there is no middle ground. Destroy that satanic brainwashing devicecalled TV before you reach the point of no return. Don’t become just anotherTV SLAVE! Get radical, get revolutionary, GET RID OF YOUR TV TODAY!

A VERY REAL THREATTelevision is a very real threat to our spiritual life because oureyes are gateways to our spirit. It opens our spirits to the many voicesof the world which can crowd out the Lord’s voice. Why are so many peopleblinded and bound by television? It is the same spirit that Eve surrenderedto in the garden. Genesis 3:6, “When the woman saw that the tree…waspleasant to the eyes…” The LUST OF THE EYES is a powerfully curiousand destructive enemy of righteousness. TV openly and completely contradictsPhilippians 4:7-8, “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding,shall keep your hearts and minds, through Christ Jesus.” TV subtlyestablishes a carnal and worldly standard of values in the mind of everyviewer.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS?I know that television can be a baby sitter that will free the parentfrom close supervision. I know that it is easier to turn children overto the clutches of the television than it is to create a wholesome activityfor them. I know that it is easier to yield to the pressures of: 1) theneighbors all have one, so why not me? and 2) my children will grow upto be backward and slow in their studies, and 3) they will resent me inthe future for not providing them with a television. But I have found thatnone of these arguments stand up to the TRUTH. 1) There are many thingsthe neighbors do that I don’t wany my children to do. 2) I have found thata lack of television is no impediment to children’s scholastic achievementor sociological development. 3) Children usually do not resent parentsnot having a television if they feel that they are sincere. I cannot shirkmy responsibility as a parent. I can’t afford to have a TV.

DO YOU WANT TO EAT POISON?Through modern media millions of “Christians” are eatinggarbage. They’re eating poison and it’s killing them. They’re eating darkness,they’re eating death, they’re eating destruction. They’re eating violence,filth and perversion in great quantities, and then they wonder why theydon’t feel good, they wonder why they don’t feel God. What do you expectwhen you eat poison? Are you going to feel good? Take a spoonful of poisonin the morning and see how you feel for the rest of the day. Yet invariably,“Christians” expect to feel just fine after slurping down hugeamounts of electric poison that pours in through their TV sets.

How many “Christians” turn on the TV in the morning, watchthe early morning news, get sick, watch the early morning talk show, getsicker, go to work and listen to a constant stream of witchcraft, lustand vileness called “music”, come home and plop down in frontof the TV again and eat garbage until it’s time to go to bed? And if thewomen don’t work, they stay home and watch all the talk shows, soap operas,and game shows during the day, partaking of all the filth and vilenessyou could ever ask for. Then on church night they go to church and forsome reason they just don’t feel quite so lively. Oh-oh they don’t feelso good. Oh-oh, what do you want when you eat poison? What do you expect?

Now, if instead of vegetating in front of the television, those Christianswould spend the same amount of time in prayer and fasting, in seeking God,obeying God, in doing something for others, denying themselves, in fightingagainst sin, writing something spiritual, in doing something, anything,that pertains to the Kingdom of God, they would have some life, and theywould be a light to those around them, and they would feel a whole lotbetter. They would have some radiant glory coming from them because theyhad been with God, and people would look upon them and see that they werea Christian and not a stinking phony.

TV -ONE OF LIFE’S BASIC NECESSITIES?Television is an accepted part of the modern world. The poorest pauperoften owns a TV. His dwelling may be a tent, a tar-paper shack, or a vermininfested tenement house, but there is usually a television. The familymay not own a car or have a bathtub, but they must have a television. Thechildren may not have clothes, the baby may not have milk, the husbandmay not have a job, the mother may not have medical attention –but theyhave a television.

In a society where a television has become a basic necessity insteadof a personal luxury, a person who says he does not have a television isregarded incredulously and sometimes with suspicion. What kind of a personwould not have a television? He is considered some sort of maladjustedfreak who would admit such a nonconformity to the ideals of society. Heis accused of being woefully ignorant of world events, culturally deprived,and guilty of “child abuse” because he is causing his childrento miss one of life’s “choicest blessings”.


“I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work ofthem that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.” Psalm 101:3

“Then said I unto them, Cast ye away every man the abominationsof his eyes,and defile not yourselves with the idols of Egypt: I am theLord your God” Ezekiel 20:7

“If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above,where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on thingsabove, not on things on the earth.” Colossians 3:1,2

“Be ye not uneqully yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowshiphath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath lightwith darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hathhe that believeth with an infidel?” 2 Corinthians 6:14,15

“ And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11

ARE YOU A MEDIA GUINEA PIG??“A recent study has shown that a regular diet of TV viewing canhave extremely adverse effects on laboratory animals. In one experimentwhere groups of mice and rats were subjected to continual viewing of typicalday time talk shows, the animals quickly developed signs of insanity andbegan exhibiting bizarre and abnormal breeding habits. Another group ofmonkeys which were subjected to major network Sitcoms became extremelydepressed and refused to eat. An interesting phenomena was noted in thetest group that was subjected to nothing but commercials. These mice beganconsuming anything and everything in their cages until they could no longermove. All groups tested exhibited detrimental physical effects such asvomiting, diareah, blurred vision and hair loss. The most devastating resultswere seen in the test using a mix of country western and rock music videosat high volume. The animals in this group became severly debilitated, comatose,and several deaths were reported. Numerous instances of cannibalism andclearly suicidal behavior were also observed in this group.”

KILL YOUR TELEVISION!TV has contributed more than any other single thing to the rapid demoralizationand degradation of the world. It is a powerful demonic force designed todamn your soul. TV is not acceptable entertainment for Christians, infactit delivers a non-stop flow of sin, sickness and death directly into yourhome. The entire television industry is controlled by sodomites, drug addictsand antichrist people. They may dress nicely, smile, speak intelligentlyand convine you that they really care, but be not decieved they are nothingmore than robots who work for the media beast! Behind the scenes they partakeof every imaginable evil that is MODERN MEDIA, and when you watch TV youare condoning their sick perverted lifestyles. There is only one way tostop its influence and renounce its control over your life. GET RID ofevery televison you own today. Don’t wait, KILL YOUR TELEVISION beforeit kills you!



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