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August 07, 2012

Short story of a happy hour gone wrong


Alright, for some reason I’ve been in the mood to write short stories. Why? I have no idea. I don’t really like reading and I’d rather podcast than type. That’s an idea! If you like the story, but don’t want to read it, shoot me an email at ken@stobblog.com and I turn it into an MP3 for you. I know; I’m super nice!

The stories I will be writing weekly (hopefully) on STOB are not real per say. They will be like every horror movie every made; “based on actual events”. So yes, there was a time a man went to a bar. See, that is an actual event so I’m not lying.

Today the story is about a man at a bar. This man just wanted to get a drink, but little did he know; he was in for more than just a whiskey sour.


Whiskey Sour Please

Walking into work, Jim knew he was in store for a long Tuesday at the office. Not that it was going to busy, or hard, Jim just hated his job. Not so much the people or even the work, rather, he hated that his alarm wouldn’t shut the hell up at 4:45am. He loved his sleep.

See, Jim works at bobble head factory. Yep, the ones that people wait in line for overnight during the baseball season; and had to manage a staff of 25 workers. Some old, some young, some that well, he didn’t know where they came from. They all loved Jim and Jim dealt with them.

There was one girl however, a new girl named Lisa that caught his eye. She was a great worker, had huge….eyes, and just seemed to want to have fun all the time. Not to mention, she loved sports.

During lunch Lisa would talk to her friends about her weekends, things coming up; you know; the usual stuff. Today however, just as Jim was walking by, she was talking about watching the big game at the bar across the street. Jim knew just the bar she was talking about; The Heavy Pour; his favorite place to tie one on.

Being the shy guy he is Jim didn’t mention that he would be there as well. Nope, he just figured if they ran into each other, he would talk to her then. 5 o’clock rolls around and Jim hits the door and makes his way to the bar.

“Whiskey Sour Please”, says Jim to the bartender. The first of many “conversations” they would have. Being an avid sports fan, Jim knows the big game starts at 7; and being Lisa’s boss, he knows she is off at 6:30; plenty of time to get his “courage” up.

The bar scattered with empty glasses and peanut shells, Jim checks his watch as the door opens. 6:45, right on time he thinks to himself as Lisa walks in with a few people he doesn’t recognize. Full on nuts and whiskey Jim says over the crowd, “Lisa! Over here.” Shyness now gone, he figures now is as good a time as any other to make his move. “Can I buy you a drink?” he says. “Sure”, she says with a smile. Soon Lisa’s friends where an after thought to not only Jim, but her as well. The big game? What game?

After a few two many whiskey sours, Lisa decides it’s time to take the party to her place. Jim couldn’t be more excited. Besides, he has sick days he needs to use; might as well use it tomorrow. Jim hails a cab for the two them and the romance, or lust, begins. It’s a shame Taxi Cab Confessionals wasn’t taping because it would have been their number one rated episode.

Once getting to Lisa’s place, she offers to make them a drink. Jim accepts, of course, and takes a look around. There are pictures everywhere. Jim is startled by one that is sitting on an end table. It’s a very familiar face. “How do you know my cousin Bob?” ask Jim. “Oh, I’m his daughter.”

The end.