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January 15, 2011

Sequel to the funniest comedy of 2009! Phill, Stu, Alan and Doug return in this second edition of a first hilarious installment from director, Todd Phillips.

The cast of The Hangover are back! No, not in Las Vegas for a wild, bathroom tiger-filled night. Instead a trip to Bangkok in Thailand for the wedding of Stu and his new fianceé played by actress, Jamie Chung.

2 months before the general release of The Hangover on June 5th. Warner Bros. had approached director Todd Phillips and writer Scot Armstrong to write a sequel to The Hangover. Studios often wait for the box office results before going ahead to create a sequel but the trailer gave proof of bringing down the house with incredible responses nationally.

Multiple big names are reported to be included as cameos in the sequel such as; Mike Tyson, former US President Bill Clinton and Liam Neeson.
Neeson is set to play the part as a 'Tattoo man' residing in Thailand. Replacing once-rumoured Mel Gibson who was to originally play the part but became replaced after a decision that lacked the support of cast and crew.

Currently being filmed and set for release in the US on the 26th of May and the 27th in the UK this year. Are YOU ready to let the dogs out?