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January 02, 2009


Wow, OK. First of all, I just wanted to give props to Funny or Die for what appears to be quite a pleasant blogging interface situation. I was nervous to start this blog, to be perfectly honest for that reason. I don't like learning about new things or trying particularly hard, and so I feared that it would be a whole ordeal for me to figure out how to blog here, but you actually made it quite easy. Props to you for that. That's important. So many websites are designed poorly and it's like "Hey, bro... it's 2009, get your shit together." Seriously. It's like that time a bunch of my friends and I went to Montreal freshman year of college and I knew I was supposed to get my period while I was on the trip, but I forgot to pack any sort of feminine product. so when my period actually did start on the last day of the trip and we almost missed the bus as I ran to a store to buy tampons, my friend Chicken Wing looked at me and was like "Yo, Molls. Get your fishamajig in check." And he was right, and that always stuck with me. You gotta keep your shit on point, wether it be packing the appropriate toiletries for a weekend bus trip or your web site's blogging interface. 
That's awesome for you guys.