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Published: May 04, 2009
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Mr. Jumps the Mexican Jumping Bean

I'm off to save the day
Travelling through the desert,
to win a gun fight
I have upon my bean face
A smile bright and shiny
just like a strobe light

I'm a tiny Mexican Jumping Bean
Wearing a blue sombrero
On my face there is a black twirling mustache
Riding fast and crazy
But still straight as an arrow

Holding tight to the saddle,
of a stallion that is pink
My stallions name is Lucky
I named him all by myself
What do you think?

I go by Mr. Jumps
I'm strong, and mighty,
And my girlfriend thinks I'm tough
I will conquer the evil Jalepeno brothers
Who aren't polite and really rough.

I believe in myself,
and I hope you believe in me too.
I know Lucky and I
can make the world a better place..
where happiness is true.


Tags: blog