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December 10, 2008


I feel bad. I just wanted to expand the demographic who would potentially read my blog. I like boobs, but I hadn't planned on writing an expose on them.  They're still here and they say hi. 
Now, getting back to things I like to talk about (most anything a hairdresser would yap whilst cutting your hair or things 14 year old girls text message to each other). How 'bout this resurgence of Musical Theatre, aye? That last Gossip Girl was tiiiigggghhht.  Hey, did you hear Marisa Tomei has been watching Rock Of Love to prepare for her role as a stripper? I wonder if she's doing an in depth character analysis on Heather. Ahh, Heather. Costume wearin', stringy extensioned, I-sleep-in-sunglasses-because-I-look-like-a-different-person-without-make-up-on Heather. Strong yet vulnerable, trashy yet proud, an alcoholic who's tolerance should be commended (especially in comparison to her peers). I hope Marisa gets back into her My Cousin Vinny type acting, you know, where she's in movies that actually get watched and stuff. OH! You see her boobs in her new picture! And I mean, a whole hell of a lot. I DID IT! THIS BLOG ACTUALLY HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH BOOBS! Bringin' it all back 'round. Circle of Life style.