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September 11, 2008


Bosco High School. 

In the video Bosco II and in this piece, no names were changed to protect anyone. 

I liked high school but I have regrets.

I wish I spent more time with the musicians and artists in high school than I did with the jocks and drinkers.  Most of the time I walked among the cliques like a ghost.  A drunk ghost with perfect teeth. 

I wish I had thrown punches at seniors (rather than cowering in a corner) when Ron G. from St. C. brought his Ska band out at a lunch time rally and received apple bombs from the idiot seniors.  Assholes.  Where are those apple throwers now?  Who cares?  Ron is a professor in S.D., bitches.

Bosco had some great teachers that need a shout.  Mrs. Eddy, you class-act, thank you for taking my "mad-lib" English to the next level.  Sorry I never took it further.  You were kind of a distraction at our all-boy school.

Mr. Stover, you were a brilliant man.  Sorry about my "Ode to Muscle Cars" poetry series.  I couldn't stop myself.  Thanks for the "B+".   We both know that was a stretch.

Mr. Moss, are you still teaching?  I can't believe the things you said to our sophomore class.  I loved the last five minutes of your class when you broke out the  tattered journal.  Your poetry scared the hell out of me but I LOVED it. 

Hope you are well.  "Here's a picture of a thirteen year old girl peeing in a stream".  Straight from the vein of Bukowski or Ray Carver.  Vein wazza poor choice a wurds.

Brother Noel.  You are probably dead now.  You will be remembered.

I'm glad I went to school there. 

I'm thankful I made it out of there. 

I'll never go back.

I have regrets.