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April 21, 2017

All about the reality of the Philippines Archipelago

Many years ago, there is a several foes that Philippines have even in taming society of students inside Lucena Quezon. The fact that there are people behind the scene that can not be understood why Quezon Province is been contaminated with New People’s Army.
Even public and private schools are been used to fabricate Terrorists against the Government but the Government are good and not the one who is in the power to control the society.

Lucena Quezon is a place where all types and kinds of strategies are been used to understand why there are people been positive in drugs even they did not used. Well, powder cannabis and coccaine was been used to destroy innocent lives and that there are people who gave bottles with powder cannabis and coccaine in few areas that the people are already gone and the victim is innocent but has no choice but to accept this.

One victim of that sabotage is Universal Records Artist that came from Britain inside Lucena City. We are asking who the people behind the scene who send drugs to put inside coffee of innocent lives just to proved that the victim is a drug addict.

I am one of the victim and that is one of my Project. Tracking the people who are sabotaging even International Artists of Pagbilao Power Plant.

Aunt Maritoni Daya is at my back for me to have a higher class of job inside that concert but i am a Volunteer to solved the problem of Space Bar and it is just an accident that the owner is the friend of my Aunt Maritoni Daya, a Model like her.

I send my friends to destroy the place and used the money of Red Horse profit inside the concert year 2001 in Space Bar to rehab the victims of that sabotage. Many rich Politicians uses their power to destroy me using drugs SarseiQPL Aquino and Kris Aquino.

They want to destroy my power inside my project? Pagbilao Power Plant first since 1999-2001 even taming New People’s Army in that time inside Quezon Province. Not just in taming war against The Sultan of Sulu year 1999.