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April 29, 2015

Due to unrest in Baltimore, Wednesday's Baltimore Orioles game had zero fans in attendance. That didn't stop catcher Caleb Johnson from

With everything that’s currently happening in Baltimore, Major League Baseball made the correct but incredibly weird decision to let the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox play a regular season game in front of no one. Other than umpires, TV staff, and maybe a lone popcorn vendor who forgot to check his email this morning, Camden Yards was a total ghost town.

That didn’t stop Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph from signing autographs for every lucky fan in attendance and tipping his cap to a cheering crowd of people probably watching something more exciting back at home.

Congratulations, Caleb. You are the first-ever recipient of Funny Or Die’s “Guy Who Gets It” Award. And just like the fans at today’s game, the winner’s trophy is completely invisible. You should expect it to arrive in the mail sometime in the next 7–10 business days.

via Sports Illustrated