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The Night ( A dark comedy about 2 best friends since they where kids that are now on drugs and the story of one super wild and crazy night that will change there life for good. This night is a real wake up call for them both. Staring Macaulay Culkin as Josh Luck and the Shamwow guy as izzy Dunken josh hates his life and never wants to leave the house his squatting at trying to OD and izzy is a wild man who loves life but never stops partying and sales drugs for a living. So one night izzy gets Josh to come out and party down with him. An then the dark comedy starts where we show all the sick and twisted sh*t that goes down in this f*ck up movie. First things first it's time to cheer up Josh so they hit the strip club for a few drinks and lap dances. An after a few of the stripers get off work they go for a ride with are boys to shot up some drugs. After this goes down and starts a fight. They drop the strips off on the street and just leave them there to get picked up by the cops. Then after the drugs start to kick in they pick up a hooker for josh in there try to make him feel alive! The hooker has sex Josh and then gives izzy a bj for for drugs and some cash. After this goes down they stop by a college party where they are not welcome. izzy and josh both get there ass kicked. So after that they get super drunk at a dive bar and get kick out of it after getting shitty drunk. They take two of the bar sluts back to the josh's pad and do what they do, one slut OD's and dies and the other takes off never to be seen agian. So josh and izzy are geeked and they don't call 911 so they just leave the place and go on about there night. An this time when picking up a hooker it turns out to be a undercover cop. They go to jail for picking up a hooker and then rehab and after that they finish up in rehab. After all that they meet up and talk things out. An then at diffrent times they turn there selves in for the OD of that one chick and the other for that missing slut. With out telling each other so when they both go back to prison and guess what they get bunked together and they become BBF's again with clear heads for the first time in meany of a years. A dark buddy comedy for all you f*cked up cats out there in the world you sick f*cks. RATED R. with made tits, pussy and ass in this crazy ass sh*t bros. An this is way you don't do drugs people. )



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